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Monday, January 14, 2013

Down the Drain

I heard on the radio last Friday that this past weekend is the weekend when most New Year's Resolutions go down the drain. Mine died a quick and merciless death on January 2. Why? Deadlines. When I am under a tight deadline, everything else goes out the window. I realized on Saturday that I had been wearing the same clothes (yes, even to bed) for the last four days. (I'm not proud, I'm confessing.)

So why do I do this to myself? I make these plans to lose weight, get up every morning and make sure I have on mascara (whether I leave the house or not). And  bra? Fuggetabutit! On the flip side, why do I wait so long in getting my butt in a chair and pounding out the story that was so vibrant in my head just a few short months ago?
It 's not that I don't want to lose weight, get in shape, start Weight Watchers, clean through the house, start getting ready for a springtime garage sale, and get organized. (Sucks in a deep breath). I do. I even promised myself that I would do more for myself--monthly pedicures and manicures. And so far nada, except 60K on the current WIP.

But to those of you out there, there's still time. Each day is a day to start over. Each week, we can begin again. And to any of you out there working on a deadline, there's always February!
So tell me? Where are those New Year's resolutions? Safe and sound or Down the Drain?

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