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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Am I the only one who feels like they’re being pulled in a million different directions? I can’t be, can I?

Sometimes I get so caught up in all of the different roles I play, all of the different hats I wear, that I lose sight of myself. Of the things that I need in order to meet my goals and stay true to ‘me’.

How many hats do I wear? Let’s see…

Bookkeeper (let me add this one is for 6 different companies)
Tax Preparer (ok, so it’s only at year end, but hey, it’s on my mind right now)
Dog Groomer
Parts Gopher
Taxi Driver

There’s probably more, but you get the idea. Just looking at that list makes me think of the old saying ‘Make time to stop and smell the roses.’ I’d love to, really I would. But sometimes, there are too many hats to fit on my head at once. And the one that most often falls off? Unfortunately that would be ‘Writer’. *sigh*

If your list looks like mine, and it most likely does, how to you balance them all? How do you find the time to stay true to yourself? I’d love to know.

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  1. It's not easy, Sarah. But I have had some of those things drop off my list as my sons are now adults and my parents have passed on.

    I also cut back on my other home business, typing and preparing other writer's manuscripts and other correspondence. I now only work with a few select clients, which leaves more time for my writing.

    To stay focused, I structure my day. Writing happens in the afternoons, after dog walking, house cleaning, other chores and errands are completed in the mornings. I also try to take care of setting up blogs and maintaining my website on the weekends, and keep weekdays for writing and editing.

    Of course when a new release comes out, I have to put on my marketing hat and that messes up my schedule for a bit.