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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Many Ideas

Is that even possible? To have too many ideas? It is for me. Some of you may know that I write under two names. That's two muses to deal with, two sets of ideas, two Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites to keep up with. It just goes on and on. But the worst part...or is it the best part...is I have too many ideas.

Sarah can attest/accuse/confirm that I am constantly emailing her with a "plan". But I'll be the first to say that my plans are sometimes not the best laid. But there is never a shortage of ideas. That was fine before I was published. I could start a story develop another, write a little on one, develop another, enter a contest and start all over again. But now it's different. I have to rein in Shirley, make her stay focused (and I'll tell you, she is worse ADD than I ever thought about being).

My only solution is to keep a running file for new ideas --for both of my genres. I let the idea flow when it comes, then get right back on task with the story I'm supposed to be working on. What about you? Too many ideas? Or two few? How do you handle it?

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  1. I keep copious notes that I then can't locate when I need them! lol