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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome Special Guest Angel Rothamel

Hi everyone!

First I want to thank the wonderful ladies at OfftheKeyboard for having me here today.

My life of writing really started early on in life. I think that I have always been doodling some tale or other since I was probably about 6 or so, even before I really knew what writing was I was always going off to fantasy land, or creating my own ‘mission’ in the latest Wonder Woman episode, I’ve sent myself to Paradise Island a time or two. Or one of the other shows I watched when I was younger.

I started writing stories down when I was in junior high, usually as a way to escape the real world and be either the hero or more often times than not, the unwitting victim of some nefarious bad boy who has to be save by the hero. It’s surprising that not all the time were my hero’s male. I liked the strong female characters as well, so every once in a while one would suddenly pop up and save the day.

I was introduced to Nano a few years ago and I try every year to participate, rarely do I not complete it, but nothing has ever came from those projects. Until last year. In 2012 I used Nano to complete 3 of my stories. 1 of them is now in the post contract-pre publish stage and I am excited for that, the second was released on January 11, while the 3rd will be released on Friday, January 23.

My first ‘real’ (at least in my mind) project, the one that I had written with the intent of publishing came as I was living with a friend of mine in Australia. While Australia didn’t pan out, and I didn’t get the story written that I wanted to. It is where my first book idea was created and the first draft was written.

Granted it was, 8 years ago if my memory is correct, but everything I have written in the last 8 or so years I have managed to keep on my computer. And it paid off.

The hardest thing about writing, at least for me is the submissions. And let me tell you that I have had several BAD experiences…

I’ve been told things from: “While the sex is good, the story sucks and sex doesn’t sell.” - That book as is will be released later this year.

“I don’t think this book is what our readers want to read,” - That book is also set to be released as is this year.

I’ve been told by some editors that I need to just give up on writing because I am not good at ‘grasping the ideas that the readers want and my characters are flat and undefined’.

Yet this year I am set to have at least 3 books under Angel Rothamel published and my best friend and I are set to have at least 3 books released under AJ Kelton.

Needless to say those opinions from editors were devastating to me and almost made me quit. I’m stubborn though and I worked through the writer’s block that they caused. And believe me after the last one, every time I pulled up a document it was like frogs and crickets in my head… No ideas, no stories, no characters… nada! They all ran for the hills.

But I got them back and now, thanks to my wonderful editor at MRL and my beta reader, and of course my best friend… They are back and ready to tell all!

So, if anyone has had a bad experience with an editor, and I’m sure you have… It’s ok… Either that publishing house isn’t right for you… or the editor isn’t the one you need. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to contact the executive editor and talk to them.

The one thing that I’ve found in the last year that I’ve been dealing with a publishing house… It’s ok to ask questions if you don’t know something… They may grown (grin), they may be intimidation, but they don’t bite. I thought that once upon a time, but last October just talking to someone about concerns I had really did change my life!

And I wouldn’t change that for the world! Here is the result! :D

The Solstice by Angel Rothamel 

It was time the family heard the whole Story on how their parents came together. 

Tyler and Pryl are busy preparing for the arrival of their family for the Solstice. A time of much joy that is tinged with sadness as the pair deal with a dear, pregnant friend who is dying. To help cope with the pain, and share the joy of themselves with their family, Tyler and Pryl agree that it’s time to reveal the whole Story of how Tyler, a Nature sprite forced to hunt for lazy villagers, came to be the husband of Pryl, a Water sprite who abhors hunting but loves Tyler’s voice. 

 THE SOLSTICE by Angel Rothamel
Available now at:
MLR Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,
Bookstrand and All Romance eBooks

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