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Monday, November 19, 2012

Too Dependent

So I get up this morning to an email from Sarah entitled, "No Internet". In this email she tells me how she hasn't been on in almost a week because she didn't have internet access. I hadn't noticed because I've been without my laptop for almost as long.

Which made me think--How dependent is too dependent on the technology that we have these days?

My answer? Yes.

How can we not be reliant on these items that make our lives so much easier, even though depending on them can be a strain.

Case and point: my little man's birthday. I didn't take the camera to school with the birthday cupcakes because I had my phone. (And the laptop was in the shop.) It would be so much easier to post the pictures to Facebook from my phone instead of the desktop. Well, the phone was dead and there are no pictures of the cupcakes. This was perhaps my last chance at supreme motherhood seeing as next year is middle school and it will be utterly uncool to have your mother bring cupcakes to share with your class on your birthday when you're thirteen. (Besides that, the regulations state that all shared foods much be professionally made and the dang cupcakes cost me $30! )

Yesterday--because the laptop is MIA--I spent the day on my Nook. Reading the next greatest thing? Nope. Playing Mahjong. In fact I played it dead, then walked around the house like I had nothing to do.

What is it that you can't live without? The one thing that you'd have to have if no other was available  Like say you were stranded on a desert island with electricity to power only one device?

I'm thinking the laptop, but I'd have to make sure I had an internet connection so I could email and well, then I guess I wouldn't be stranded for long! LOL

As the holidays approach and I prepare for company, am I counting the days till Christmas. Nope. Just the ones until I get my laptop back. Sorry, Mom.

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  1. I love Mahjong!
    I would have to have my laptop, but that's only because my desktop died a few years back and I have yet to replace it. I actually preferred writing on the desktop because it was in one spot in the house and wasn't as easily moved to a different spot - a spot where I could be more easily distracted from writing. :)