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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Character Quickie: Niko Reynard

20 quickie facts about Niko Reynard:

Birthday? May 23, 1982
Favorite color? Red
Nickname? Aly’s given me two. James-momma’s-boy-Bond and Stud Muffin. Why are you smiling?
Birthmark or scars? Scars from too many gun fights
Siblings? Four older sisters: Margo, Renee, Allegra and Simone
City of residence? Paris, France
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? French Vanilla
Occupation? Second in command of the French Counterterrorism Unit.
Hobbies? Reading books on philosophy
Favorite song? Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)
Name one item in your refrigerator right now? Wine
Your greatest fear? Losing people I love to The Red Hand.
Most treasured possession? Porsche 911 Carrera
Special talent? Being able to understand how terrorists think, what their next move will be.
Cat or dog? Dog
Pet peeve? Adults who abuse children.
Unforgettable moment? The day Aly tossed me some of her attitude.
Spicy or not? Spicy
Favorite guilty pleasure? Having Aly blindfold me during……next question, please. 
If you could ask your author one question, what would it be? When are you coming back to Paris?

Niko Reynard is the hero in Vonnie Davis' new release, MONA LISA’S ROOM, available now at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

To learn more about Vonnie Davis and her writing, please visit her BLOG.


  1. Stud Muffin...er...Niko thanks you for the interview. He's on a mission right now and asked me to convey his gratitude. Seems Simone, the heroine in book three of this series, has gone off in a snit and gotten herself captured by The Red Hand and taken to Syria. Things are about to get messy, or so he claims.

  2. Loved the interview with Niko....what a brilliantly original way of promoting your novel! Top of the class for out of the box thinking! :) Edith xxx

    1. Thanks, Edith. Sarah and Amie have "Character Quickies" here every Saturday. It's a neat idea, isn't it?

  3. I loved this, too. Smart, sassy. I want more of Niko!

    1. Niko is a complex character. Ruthless at his job, a past player with women, and devoted to his family

    2. Niko sounds like just the right combination of "naughty and nice."

    3. He's perfect for Alyson, that's for sure.

  4. Vonnie, please tell me Mona Lisa'a Room is the first book in this series. I'd hate to think I missed something.
    BTW-I love Niko already.

    1. Yes, it is the first book.

      RAIN IS A LOVE SONG is book two. No release date yet.

      JAZZBEAT OF SURRENDER, which I'm still writing, is the final book of the trilogy.

      Ohhh, I'm thrilled you love Niko. He is a force to be reckoned with. LOL But then so is Alyson in her own way.

  5. I love that the 2nd in Command of the Counterterrorism Unit reads philosophy. Very sexy!