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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Character Quickie: Brodie Harper

20 quickie facts about Brodie Harper:  

Birthday? August 15  
Favorite color? Red  
Nickname? I don’t really have a nickname, but my Nan likes to call me by my full name, especially when I’m in trouble.  
Birthmark or scars? I have a small tattoo of the UNLV Rebel mascot  
Siblings? none
City of residence? Juniper, Nevada  
If you were a jelly bean flavor, what flavor would you be? Dr. Pepper
Occupation? Contractor  
Hobbies? Swimming  
Favorite song? Anything by Merle Haggard
Name one item in your refrigerator right now? BBQ sauce  
Your greatest fear? failure  
Most treasured possession? The picture I have of my father in his service uniform  
Special talent? Keeping control over my Nan and her twin sister, Aunt Blair.
Cat or dog? dog  
Pet peeve? People who think they’re better than others
Unforgettable moment? Waking up in bed next to Savanna
Spicy or not? Definitely spicy
Favorite guilty pleasure? Sour apple pie with vanilla ice cream
If you could ask your author one question, what would it be? Was it really necessary to start off the book with me naked?

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