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Monday, December 3, 2012

Cowboys vs. Guys from Texas

I recently submitted a short to a publisher who had sent a call-out for cowboy stories. The stories were to take place in Texas and before I realized it, my story was written, but my hero was not a cowboy. He was a guy from Texas. Yes, there's is a difference. Do you know what it is? The line is subtle, but true cowboy is a job. Cowboys work on ranches or ride in rodeos. Guys from Texas (or perhaps I should say good ol' boys) don't. They hold a variety of jobs: police officer, mechanic, and firemen just to name  a few. I'd have to say that both hold their own when it comes to romance novels. But I have to say that between the two Guys from Texas are my favorite.
Matthew Mcconaughey is a guy from Texas.
So is Tommy Lee Jones.
and Patrick Swayze.
And cowboys--
Well, Ty Murray is a cowboy.
Brad Paisley is a cowboy.
And this guy. He's a cowboy.
Wait. Did I say Guys were my favorite. Hmmm...I may have to give this a little more thought. Then again, why should I have to choose? So it's settled then. It's a tie. Ciao!

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