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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings: My Dream Office

While playing on Pinterest the other day I discovered a pin that led me to a great website! One that made me wish I was a little more organized. Or maybe that I had not only found but was currently living in my dream home - the one big enough to include my dream office.

Visit A Bowl Full of Lemons

Gorgeous, isn't it?  Perhaps a bit too white for me. Well, and it needs a much bigger desk. And while I'm at it, no matter how much I wish I was more organized, there is no way my dream office would remain this clutter free and clean for long. It's just not possible - at least not while I'm writing. There are too many notes scribbled on scraps of paper and napkins.

So what would my dream office look like? I've asked myself this question often. And honestly, I change my mind often. One thing that doesn't change, is the need for a chalkboard - and not just any chalkboard. No, the chalkboard I have in mind would cover one entire wall of the room. It's true! They make this fabulous paint that allows you to turn anything into a chalkboard. Check it out! This one is in a kitchen, but you get the idea.

And that bigger desk? Something like this would be nice:

I could keep everything within reach if I had a desk like this one. Of course, I wouldn't be able to resist adding something like this to the room:

A few walls of bookshelves are a must. Or at the very least one or two of these:

Now add a chaise lounge for reading and voila, my dream office!

Unfortunately, until I move to a different home, I'll have to stick with what I have.

My office - otherwise known as the kitchen table.

Where do you write? Is it your dream space?

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  1. Hi Sarah - I loved this blog. I was fortunate to take over our guest bedroom as my office once my oldest moved away from home. We turned her room into a guest bedroom (to make sure she understood she'd moved out for good. LOL)
    Anyway - I love that file cabinet. I tend to shove everything into little slots I've put up in the closet, and it it anything but organized. I'm lucky to have a good-sized desk, but you're right - that doesn't keep things from getting cluttered.
    I'll keep hoping you'll get that dream office one day soon. Gotta love the kitchen table though, such a usefull piece of furniture, isn't it?
    I enjoyed this blog.

    1. Lynne -
      I'm torn between dreaming of the day my sons move out so I could steal one of their rooms, and hoping they stay around for many more years. I just LOVE having them around, you know?

      I do love my kitchen table - very useful, and made for me by my father-in-law.

  2. Love it, Sarah. I don't have the kitchen table, but my official desk (piled as high as your kitchen table) is in the dining room. :D But I write on the laptop and move from room to room as the mood strikes. I'm in the recliner now, watching the tail end of The Vow. Yes, should be finishing up this manuscript. But such is life! Loved the post!

    1. Thanks, Amy! :-) I use a laptop, but find I'm not as productive as I am when I chain myself to the desktop computer.

  3. Wow, I love your dream office. I really, really want one too. But sadly the corner of the back porch beside the freezer and cat box is not much bigger than your table. Maybe when we hit the NYT bestsellers list we can go to Pottery Barn and pick out something nice.

    1. Yes on all counts! LOL Let's vow to do that, Kathy.