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Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Dose of Inspiration

I stumbled upon this photograph earlier this week and knew I had to share. I was immediately inspired - not just by this hottie's looks, either. Every time I look at it my mind starts rolling through all of the different scenarios he could be in the center of, and the story ideas explode!

  • Is he the bad boy your mother warned you about? 
  • A wounded hero who took to the road trying to forget the atrocities of war? 
  • Your best friend who moved away when you were teenagers, all grown up and back in town.

Oh the places he and I could go!
What inspires you?

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  1. Okay...feeling VERY inspired right now. LOL He's a cop. Ten years ago his wife died of a horrible disease and he was heartbroken. Imagine his surprise when a murder case lands on his desk, only to discover the prime suspect is an exact replica of his dead wife--in fact, her long-lost twin. He quickly learns she is the hunted, the next target on said killer's list, all while struggling to conceal his feelings for the woman he shouldn't...CAN'T develop feelings for. Boom. Next? LOL

  2. Careful AJ, I just may take that idea and run with it! LOL Love it!

  3. Oh, Sarah, looks like the hot-pink whirlwind has struck again. LOL Love her idea, too. Must be my age, I look at him and drool...mind blank...just drool... Is it hot in here????

  4. Oh no you don't! Confession time! That's the plot behind my one romantic suspense...should I ever get around to writing it. Did I mention the heroine's a bit...off? Dark humor time. She works in the business of revenge. Toying with the title "Dead-Ringer". Hm...sorta has a nice suspense tone to it. Probably terribly overused. LOL

    1. It sounds fabulous! And I love the title Dead Ringer.

  5. I agree with Vonnie. Anyone got a towel I could borrow? No, Vonnie. I can't be just you, I'm feeling it too! LOL